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* No Spamming Of Links To Other Sites.
* The Thumbnails Must Lead Directly To The Image Or A Page With The Image.
* No Links In The Titles.
* Use Normal Capitalization. No Excessive Caps.
* No Blind Links.
* A Gallery Should Have At Least 15 Pictures And No More Than 200.
* No Illegal Content. This Includes, But Is Not Limited To, Copyrighted Content, Bestiality, Pedophilia Or Zoophilia. And Please Don’t Send Teens Galleries. If You See Anything Illegal On This Site, Please Report It On
* No Duplicate Galleries. Do Not Post The Same Gallery Twice. Do Not Post Galleries That Are Not Yours.
* Please Use »decent» Image Hosts, Not Hosts Throwing Four, Five, Or Even A Dozen Popunders In The Face Of The Visitors, And Then Throwing New Popunders With New Images.



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